Pine DevBlog #51 - Scrolls and Spears

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We're almost nearing the CHI-play event mentioned last week, which means the first rough testrun for our vertical slice demo! Exciting times, but still a lot of detailed work to make it as good as possible.

One of the exciting mechanics mentioned in our monthly recap (check it out here) is the simple crafting in Pine! In the world, we have items called Ideas: they are 'blueprints' or 'concepts' of tools that Hue can use. You can get these Ideas from species or find them in the world. Once you have one, you can craft it in your Ideas menu!

Of course this menu could use a bit more flair, but the basics are in for now.

We're also very excited about our trading system. It's a lot of fun to learn about the values and cultures of the species, to see how you can score the best deal on the island!

We also continued working on some content not specifically for the vertical slice, as we're exploring another weapon type - the spear!

We tweaked the weather settings and our atmospheric scattering to make the Pollen Fields really misty in the morning - check it out.

We're excited for this Sunday, mainly as a testround to see what works best and also what doesn't work so well in Pine so far.

Please note that the CHI PLAY Dutch Courage Exhibition (in the MediaMatic Amsterdam) has been shortened from Sunday-Wednesday to only Sunday and Monday! You can play Pine on Sunday from 12h-19h, and on Monday from 16h-21h!

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #50 - Trades and Transports

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The 50th devblog already! And almost as if we knew, it coincidentally is quite a big one as we approach the first stable build of our demo. Let's go!

The island setdressing is going well, as the demo area is being polished up to the smallest of details. We're going for a smooth morning look in the demo (as we're disabling day/night to focus on the mechanics at hand).

In motion, gameplay is looking better and better on this setdressed part of Albamare. Check out the Twitter version for sound!

New grass textures, dirt textures, small asset tweaks... everything combines into a better terrain to run on.

As promised, big mechanics are making it into the game, one of them being a very important one - trading! We're creating a unique Pine-trading system where we don't let you compare numbers, but instead with a 'weight'-system where each species can value different items differently! It's turning out to be really exciting, as every trade becomes an important diplomatic interaction.

There's one more big diplomatic mechanic left for final implementation, which we'll hopefully get into the demo in full glory. Next week!

Next to all this we are cautiously exploring the expansion of content, and an important part of that is story! We've been working on some of the characters you'll meet along the way, and (in this case) their transportation:

Next stop is making a build that we feel comfortable showing. We'll be doing a kind of public test round at CHI PLAY 2017 October 15-18 in Amsterdam, where we'll see how the build holds up in different scenarios. Come and see it if you can, it's free!

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #49 - Plants and Pickups

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This week, a lot more setdressing was done, while complimenting the setdressing assets we use! We created some woodwork assets, among which an all important fence, and another bush to really liven up the color palette on the Pollen Fields.

We've finally implemented picking up things like resources and other items on the island, which will then show up in your inventory! Here's what that looks like (also, the first glimpse at the menu):

The Litter got quite a few domestic animations done! We're adding a lot of nuance and character into these, tell us what you think.

We have a few core systems waiting to be cleaned up and merged before we want to show them. But the demo is really coming together now, as we're combining combat and exploration with a unique layer of diplomacy. Soon!

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #48 - Dialogues and Dullrocks

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After a long time, we want to show you a few bigger mechanics over the course of the next few devblogs! One of them is our dialogue system. While pretty basic in its execution, we had to design pretty intricate systems to let the quest system pick which actors are saying it, and to make the whole dialogue fit around the species saying it. We're using dynamic, reactive commenting to make it feel more alive, and to let the actors feel aware of the world around them.

In this mockup you can see what it looks like, even though it misses a few dynamic strings such as [species] and [exclamation_something].

Furthermore, we've continued detailed setdressing for the Pollen Fields area and areas around it. Waterlilies really tie the fields together!

We've also finished the first set of resources! Some wood, some food, rope, cloth... And Albamare specialties, such as Dullrock, Alpafant leather and species fragments.

We've been working and reworking some other cool systems, so stay tuned! We're getting closer to the demo.

Until next time!