Pine DevBlog #59 - Carriers and Compositions

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This week we finished the carrying Alpafant, as seen across Albamare and as prominently seen in parts of the story - the poor fella's looking good!

We have finished working on the demo, and are now building for all different platforms! We'll actually release it within the next few days - if you backed the Falconer tier or higher, keep an eye on your inbox.

A really cool new addition that we wanted in the demo is village music - every species has their own theme, and we're letting the music come from the villages so that you can feel their presence while playing. The tracks are still WIP but already add a lot. Have a listen (note that we're fixing some lighting issues):

We also worked on combat and specifically the neural network systems a bit more - we made sure learning was more apparent and that the decisionmaking is a bit more legitimate. Some gifs:

Lastly, we made the top 100 on IndieDB for Best Upcoming Indie of the Year! There's one more voting round, and you can help us out greatly with a single click:

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #58 - Followcams and Floating

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This week we upgraded our camera system! It required quite the update of both Unity's Cinemachine, as well as their post-processing pack, our control system and the engine itself.

We do have to tweak everything more - such as the camera position, smoothness, etc. - but we're glad the system got a lot more optimized, smooth and easier to use.

As we're moving towards alpha, as described in this week's monthly recap, we start blocking out remaining mechanics. Here's WIP swimming and floating animations for Hue!

After last week's Mac build, we're happy to say that the game is also running well on Linux! Which means we're actually almost there with the demo now. Just a bit more!

Furthermore, check out these sketches for the houses of the Gobbledew! We are going for a cool egg/nest-like style for their houses and clothing. The architecture is based on the Dry Bay Tower's, as that's where their lore gets involved. Stay tuned for a cool character design update as well!

We blocked out the rock formations found on the dry bay, that you can walk over too - but first we tried out a few different styles. Looks like the bottom one is gonna win for us, with the wind-carved lines across the rocks:

Lastly, just a small reminder that IndieDB's "Indie of the Year" voting is almost over! Help us out with a single click:

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Pine DevBlog #57 - Macbuilds and Mountainpaths

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We're flying into December with some new content and some good progression. The pre-alpha demo for the Falconer backers is almost ready to be released, and we're doing one more test round before we do so.

We built the demo for Mac this week, and that all went well - only Linux to go as a benchmark.

As part of the team has moved on from the demo to the 'rest' of the game, we've been making some paintover concept art for the Dry Bay and Mount Telkin - have a look!

We've also amplified the Waddletooth's behavior with some cool combat animations - they'll be fighting each other to lead the pack, and Hue if you come close...

As the end of the year is drawing near, IndieDB started with their Indie of the Year award again! You can vote for Pine to be one of the best indies on the website, and you would help us out a great deal. Moreover, you can win plenty of random game keys if you do:

Lastly, we're showing the Pine pre-alpha demo (almost done!) at Guildgames, a new event in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)! Come and play Pine all day long, as we'll be gathering your feedback and seeing how the build performs.

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #56 - Chiefs and Craft-quests

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Proper devblog time again! Before going to San Francisco we finished adding some pretty cool stuff in the demo which we haven't shown yet, and we also did some new work this week of course.

In Pine, bigger villages have chiefs, and we made them visually more apparent to make sure players know who to do business with. We've also made them bigger and stronger!

We also continued working on a critter you might remember from the Kickstarter campaign - the Waddletooth!

Note that this is a placeholder model - in our pipeline, we start with a base model to get the proportions right, and then get it rigged to start animating. That way, our animation work isn't blocked by any modelling or polishing work on the model. We'll be finishing the looks of the Waddletooth soon, so that they can immediately run around using animations we did in the meantime.

New vegetation for the plains was also added. A bunch of new flowers to color up the grass!

We also tweaked and worked on picking up items. It's now much more conscious and there's a longer animation and interaction necessary when picking food sources like wheat, carrants and more. Other than that, we did some more setdressing of the mountain area towards the plains and tweaked a lot of other parameters. Check it out in this short new gameplay video where we aim to craft the Wedgewood Bow after trading the Idea for that.

Until next time!