Pine DevBlog #29 - Gobbledews and Grand-Designs

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In the aftermath of the Kickstarter, we've noticed it takes quite a bit of effort to get things going again. We're still cleaning and upgrading the project to 5.6, utilizing a lot of new features that we didn't have access to before.

In the last moments of the campaign, we announced our newest species, and let our backers decide on its name. We got so many great suggestions, among which Forefeathers or the Highnest, but the very first suggestion has stuck to us and never let go: meet the Gobbledew!

As you can see, we've been updating their colors and shapes a bit more. More following soon!

That was not the only backer-vote decision: we also let our backers choose our next critter! We're excited to say that votes have been counted, and critter A came out on top! We're taking this one further first, and we'll keep you updated on the process as always.

Among cleaning up animations, we've been also revising some of them, among which the bow shooting. We've added more weight to Hue's actions and provided him with a more dynamic pose.

Also, after weeks of developing and marketing, some proper time was taken for design again. The island of Albamare is getting a real close look, with very detailed level design and worldbuilding on the agenda. We're aiming to whitebox most of the island in the next few sprints, providing us with a very solid look at the space in which players will be able to play.

That's it for this week - we're excited to show you more designs, animations and quite a bit of technology next week.

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #28 - Recovery and Refactoring

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Another busy week for us - but unfortunately nothing visually exciting. Right after the Kickstarter last week there were still a lot of loose ends to tie up, so this week we were finally able to start recovering and regain our energy. So instead of creating new assets and code, we are still hard at work at cleaning up our project. A big problem with long-term projects like this is that the project can very easily become a huge mess, so we are sure to frequently take a step back and make sure everything is clean and in order before pushing out new content.

We also took this opportunity to upgrade to Unity 5.6, and refactor our own code while we're at it. The reason that the state machine code mentioned in this blogpost has not yet been released is that the code was coupled quite closely to our Organism code in Pine, but in this refactor we are separating our systems a bit more so it'll be ready soon - we'll be sure to make a post when it's ready!

Hopefully next week we'll be back to pumping out content - see you then!

Pine DevBlog #27 - Dusting and Discords

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Last Monday (US time) and in the early morning on Tuesday (EU time), our Kickstarter campaign concluded with a number that still blows our minds: €121,480!!! Only two days before that, on Saturday evening our time, we passed our goal of €100,000, which we'll use to further develop Pine. It goes without saying that we're extremely humbled and thankful by and for all the support, sharing and backing over this past month.

In terms of development, we continued our cleaning and dusting of the project - we're setting everything up to keep going, now that we know that we actually can! This means re-exporting a lot of art, while polishing a few animations, and also restructuring some SVN folders and project folders.

We also announced our newest species, a high-class avian one! We let our backers decide on a name. A few popular options are the "Highnest", "Forefeathers" or "Gobbledews" - we'll be deciding on one soon.

This species is slow in their domestic behavior, but fast, chaotic and agile when fighting! They tend to wear a lot of bling-bling, making them a bit heavy to fly... but they can peck you, poke you with their staffs or soar at you with both legs forward. But these avian creatures usually take the high road. They won't look at you unless you have something to offer, or you aggressively look at them first.

Our backers also finished all crowd achievements, which produced some fantastic results! One of the best things was seeing the clay creations come to life, as you can see in this Imgur album:

Pine - Clay creations

Another bit of fan-art we really can't leave unnoticed is this amazing 3D-printed version of our logo by Jesse Haack - so cool!

Pine - 3D-printed fanart!

Furthermore, due to popular demand we finalized our Discord server for you to join! It's for discussions on Pine, general chat and asking questions to the developers. We won't be on it fulltime (because we have a game to make), but we'll check in occasionally to have a chat or answer your questions.

There's also still our subreddit, in case that's your thing - with now more than 300 readers!

All in all, this past month has been a lot of community building, fan-art related updates and Kickstarter galore. But don't worry - we're continuing development as usual starting NOW, and you'll see a lot more art, technology and design goodness soon!

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #26 - Countdowns and Cooldowns

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In this last week of our Kickstarter, things were busier than ever. We spent a lot of time reaching out to as many potential backers as possible, and we're extremely happy to say that, with only a few days left, we're almost at our goal!

With over 94.000 euros collected and almost 3200 backers, we couldn't be happier about our progress.

Our crowd achievements have been a definite point of activity - only 4 left! The newest reward was just met, through which backers can vote on what new critter we add to Albamare. Check them out!

These are only a few of the critter concepts we feel strong about, and this time it's up to the players to decide which one works best. We're getting a lot of comments, and there doesn't seem to be a strong winner - this will be exciting! Voting ends at the end of the campaign, so pledge at least €1 if you want to get in on it.

But of course, we've also continued development on Pine. A lot of time in the past weeks was spent on cleaning and revamping the movement. This includes animations, but also technical aspects such as colliders, flow and input.

The jump became a big part of this as well - it has to feel absolutely right to move around and make your way across Albamare. Animations are still WIP for the jump, but the movement is getting there!

Attacks also got an update (finally): new swings, and a new heavy attack. We've been trying to improve the weight of the attacks and how Hue is swinging his mighty little sword. Let us know what you think!

We're also cleaning in other areas of gameplay, among which combat - and we're especially trying out some new things. As you might spot in the previous gif, we're playing around with a wholly unique idea that really underlines the pattern recognition in Pine - we call it auto-combo's, and we're in the first stages of prototyping.

In a way, auto-combos work like stamina - you have a few points you can use, after which an automatic cooldown is required. In practice, this means that you can actually form your own combos, rather than spam a few attacks that we design in succession - any attacks can now be chained, and the cooldown will always follow after. First playtests seem to work well, and it really does make the adaptation more interesting as well, as you're really forming your own style up until the very details of your attacks.

It's still early, but we're definitely going to try and develop this further!

Furthermore - on Thursday we shared another Imgur link due to popular demand - this time with a lot of footage. The post skyrocketed to most viral again, and we've been getting a lot of good feedback!

Pine, our action adventure game about survival of the fittest - Some more footage!

Also, quite a few backers have been asking about the artbook and what would be in it. That's why we decide to show two early preview the book and what you can expect in it! Check it out:

Now, with only 3 days on the clock, we feel confident we can reach the goal, and hopefully even beyond that. There are two stretch goals planned at the moment - would be great if we could hit them both!

Lastly, for those who want to help out even more - on Sunday, 12:00pm BST, we're roaring through the internet with our final Thunderclap campaign - we've already gathered a social reach of 500.000, and it's not stopping there. Join us now!

Until next time!