Pine DevBlog #36 - Lances and Luminescence

16-06-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

This week we started the process of defining the range of weapons and gear we'll have in the game. It's something we definitely don't want to spoil through devblogs - but we can't help it to show at least one bit of weaponry that we've been developing.

As with more than just these weapons, we notice sometimes the weekly blogs need to be careful to not spoil anything - so we'd rather tell you in those cases. Among this week's progress:

  • We worked a lot on the Dry Bay Tower vault, making a full first layout playthrough of it. It's not too tall, but it's one big intricate puzzle tower where you'll need to arrange the space to reach the top.

  • We started concepting the second Vault, laid inside a mountain

  • We've continued with the bigger world simulation, a very intricate system of tasks, quests and populations. Super exciting stuff!

Something we are excited to show things about is the further concepting of the swamps! We wanted to try out an idea with bio-luminescence we'd been having - at day, the mushrooms in the swamps gather the sunlight that they then unleash at night, forming a guiding path through the maze-like morass.

The game design document is now at version 0.4.0, having filled in pretty much all of the features completely. One of those points is the species affinity system - how do you appeal to species and how do you antagonize them?

Of course, part of this mechanic is the communication to players - how do we show their level of affinity? We're prototyping something we call the evaluation shimmer, a quick shimmer outline around an organism to show their stance against you. We're currently testing when, how and where this is all useful.

Until next time!