Pine DevBlog #37 - Chores and Catapults

23-06-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

Small blog this week! There are not a lot of visual assets we want to spoil now and we're preparing for some conferences next week and in the future.

A good update on the tech-side is a refactor of some simulational systems. To make the organisms more responsive and to build them very systemically, we've improved our task system to make every organism occupied with something while keeping the possibility of interrupting those tasks. It reminds us of the task queue system in the Sims, which also allows for prioritizing and interruption.

In this simplified example we see the organism has a task/chore at hand (a simple MoveTo here), but we can manually interrupt it to prioritize another task. We do this with very little overhead, so we'll be able to simulate many organisms with individual tasks and assigned priorities across the island.

We've worked some more on the HUD design, of which you might have seen an updated version in the Kickstarter video, and we're happy with where it's going so far. We'll have to test this ingame and in different scenario's, but the basics are there (main equipments, secondary equipments, health, ammo and stamina points). It's in the top left corner of the screen.

We've also been updating some of the older weapons, aside from making all the new ones. This one should be familiar: the slingshot! It's more organic and fits the style of other items in the game much better now.

Lastly, in case you missed it: we've added a donation button to our website! Read more about it here. Any amount is helpful for us - it might just buy us a cup of coffee, and it will always make Pine a better product in the end.

Until next time!