Pine DevBlog #41 - Sneezes and Smooth-cams

21-07-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

The critter we showed a while ago now has a name - meet the Puffle!

We did a ton of animations for the little avian creature. In the gif below he sneezes, but he can also walk and run (albeit a bit inefficiently), as well as roll over and eat something from the ground.

An important part of the week resolved around upgrading Unity to 2017.1! Great new features are added and we're excited to start using them.

One big feature we already started to use: Cinemachine! It's Unity's new and greatly improved camera system. We intend to be using this a lot to have dynamic camera's that behave perfectly in exploration, cutscenes and traversal. Working with it so far has been really good, and we're already up and running with the existing content:

Apart from this we:

  • Blocked out the Krocker's village

  • Created the menu UI in Unity for the first time. Only graphically implemented yet, functionality soon!

  • Continued making the Fexel villages game-ready

Until next time!