Pine DevBlog #43 - Sprinting and Signalling

11-08-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

Since the last DevBlog, we've been hard at work on some internal systems such as figuring out the inventory/item system, as well as a sensible default control scheme. This includes how you'll be able to pick up weapons and resources, as well as equipping and swapping between weapon sets. Unfortunately this is all mostly in code at the moment - but soon we will be implementing the UI that wraps around this system.

Additionally, the last time we showed the sprint it was an animation blockout - here it is implemented in the game!

We've also been hard at work at creating some more domestic animations for the Fexel and Krocker. These animations will be used when the organisms are walking around and performing actions, hopefully they will also make the world feel more alive!

Until next time!