Pine DevBlog #44 - Fires and Fexel-shacks

18-08-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

Time for another weekly blog with just a small showcase! There's definitely a content bomb hanging above Albamare, but before we can start putting that all in, we're really close to finishing a few more systems and setting up the last frameworks.

Among other things, we resumed work on VFX, completely revamping all effects we had in place. We are now using more advanced shaders to get the desired result - here's a heavy work in progress fire effect for example!

The Fexel houses are all done and put in the game now - check it out!

We also worked on traversal VFX, hit VFX, species behaviour and Krocker village building blocks.

Another big system done is the inventory system in all senses of the word - both backend and frontend are done, allowing players to pick up and use items and equipment and drop it when they desire. Some screenshots soon!

Until next time!