Pine DevBlog #45 - Soils and Sleeping

01-09-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

For those following us closely, you might have noticed that there was no blog last week - that's because the majority of the team went to Gamescom in Cologne!

We didn't showcase there - we just went in to say hi to all our friends, meet new friends and talk to important people who can help us make Pine better. It turned out great and we made some really good contacts for the future.

Back at home, Pine's development wasn't idle - on the environment side we worked on some long-awaited textures to augment the terrain around the plains and forests. The Wedgewoods will have a soil that's way denser than the default grass:

Furthermore, rivers now have a wet border with some mud to give it a more solid look:

Animation-wise, we're wrapping up the Fexel domestic behaviors, such as sitting and sleeping:

More and more content is being brought together, so within the next few weeks we'll be sharing actual gameplay again. Stay tuned!

Until next time!