Pine DevBlog #46 - Clovers and Collapses

08-09-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

Lots of content got into the game this week!

We created a bunch of smaller pieces of vegetation, such as clovers, ferns, flowers and more. This really adds to the density and liveliness of the forests and plains! Three of these are a type of food that every organism can gather - the small Yam, the Carrant (an Albamare classic, a sort of carrot flower), and the Tingflower.

Furthermore, we finished a good set of rocks, now including a large cliff, medium rocks and smaller pebbles too.

We showed it briefly in the monthly recap we rolled out this week (check it out on MadeWithUnity or on IndieDB), but we finished the Krocker village assets and put them in the game. This adds another possibility of a settlement you could find on Albamare!

The Krocker's weapons were also transformed into versions that Hue can use and craft - the Bone Spear and Bone Shield look great on Hue!

The Fexel missed a death animation - probably because we didn't have the heart to do it - but here he is collapsing to the floor... it's a bit sad, but a necessary evil. That's how evolution goes.

As mentioned, we're coming closer to slicing off a part of the game for a demo. Backers of the FALCONER tier will get their hands on it, and we're very curious what you'll think of it.

We'll end with this gif from the monthly recap that people seemed to enjoy - Albamare is truly coming together.

Until next time!