Pine DevBlog #47 - Bushes and Bombs

15-09-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

More assets this week, and an exciting bit of gameplay and VFX!

We added a brand new tree to Albamare, which really adds to the environment with the two existing trees we had. It's a downy oak!

More vegetation was added in the form of a second bush type, which is more alive now and really fits well with the rest of the assets.

We worked very hard on getting really cool Fexel combat in the game, and we created the VFX to go with the bombs - we're having a lot of fun dodging their bombs, flash grenades and smoke bombs. We still have to tweak the behavior a lot but the basics are there.

We also kept working on other VFX, UI and writing the sidequest in our demo - exciting times ahead.

Until next time!