Pine DevBlog #48 - Dialogues and Dullrocks

22-09-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

After a long time, we want to show you a few bigger mechanics over the course of the next few devblogs! One of them is our dialogue system. While pretty basic in its execution, we had to design pretty intricate systems to let the quest system pick which actors are saying it, and to make the whole dialogue fit around the species saying it. We're using dynamic, reactive commenting to make it feel more alive, and to let the actors feel aware of the world around them.

In this mockup you can see what it looks like, even though it misses a few dynamic strings such as [species] and [exclamation_something].

Furthermore, we've continued detailed setdressing for the Pollen Fields area and areas around it. Waterlilies really tie the fields together!

We've also finished the first set of resources! Some wood, some food, rope, cloth... And Albamare specialties, such as Dullrock, Alpafant leather and species fragments.

We've been working and reworking some other cool systems, so stay tuned! We're getting closer to the demo.

Until next time!