Pine DevBlog #49 - Plants and Pickups

29-09-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

This week, a lot more setdressing was done, while complimenting the setdressing assets we use! We created some woodwork assets, among which an all important fence, and another bush to really liven up the color palette on the Pollen Fields.

We've finally implemented picking up things like resources and other items on the island, which will then show up in your inventory! Here's what that looks like (also, the first glimpse at the menu):

The Litter got quite a few domestic animations done! We're adding a lot of nuance and character into these, tell us what you think.

We have a few core systems waiting to be cleaned up and merged before we want to show them. But the demo is really coming together now, as we're combining combat and exploration with a unique layer of diplomacy. Soon!

Until next time!