Pine DevBlog #51 - Scrolls and Spears

13-10-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

We're almost nearing the CHI-play event mentioned last week, which means the first rough testrun for our vertical slice demo! Exciting times, but still a lot of detailed work to make it as good as possible.

One of the exciting mechanics mentioned in our monthly recap (check it out here) is the simple crafting in Pine! In the world, we have items called Ideas: they are 'blueprints' or 'concepts' of tools that Hue can use. You can get these Ideas from species or find them in the world. Once you have one, you can craft it in your Ideas menu!

Of course this menu could use a bit more flair, but the basics are in for now.

We're also very excited about our trading system. It's a lot of fun to learn about the values and cultures of the species, to see how you can score the best deal on the island!

We also continued working on some content not specifically for the vertical slice, as we're exploring another weapon type - the spear!

We tweaked the weather settings and our atmospheric scattering to make the Pollen Fields really misty in the morning - check it out.

We're excited for this Sunday, mainly as a testround to see what works best and also what doesn't work so well in Pine so far.

Please note that the CHI PLAY Dutch Courage Exhibition (in the MediaMatic Amsterdam) has been shortened from Sunday-Wednesday to only Sunday and Monday! You can play Pine on Sunday from 12h-19h, and on Monday from 16h-21h!

Until next time!