Pine DevBlog #53 - Compasses and Combat-Effects

27-10-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

This week we worked a lot on a new stable build to test the grounds of the Pollen Rustlers scenario, and things are working well. We are delayed a bit because we need to get saving/loading proper and want to do a good pass on combat with a very important structural change.

The liveliness of the villages was important to us, so we've been creating lots of small village assets to setdress them more.

We also added basic domestic behavior back in!

All organisms have an eat animation now too for this domestic behavior. Here's an example of the Fexel's:

Another really important addition for the demo, something we started brainstorming on and prototyped for this week, is a kind of minimap or compass to showcase the player's goals more quickly. They should help the player in finding the right direction. Here's a mockup of what would be in the bottom corner:

We've also done another small combat update and added the first VFX back in:

Lastly, check out these new inserts for Hue - they ought to add a bit more variety to his idle movements!

Until next time!