Pine DevBlog #54 - Foodtills and Fights

03-11-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

This week we kept on expanding the village assets by adding a place where organisms come to eat! They sometimes walk there if they're hungry, or they grab some food for on the go before they go explore or fight.

On the subject of fighting, we've done a lot of improvements to the combat in Pine. We're making things more personal, a bit slower and more thoughtful. For this, we're trying to add more structure while letting the neural network evolution do its job too. Meet the cast:

The Cariblin is a bit like Hue - they can shield, light attack and heavy attack. They're relatively fast but think well and can counter easily.

The Krocker is definitely a lot slower - but make sure they don't hit you. Every hit does heavy damage, so make sure to make your way around them.

The Litter spits at you, which is blockable - but if you want to hit them, you'll have to get closer. Make sure you don't step in their acid on the floor.

The Fexel is very evasive and fast, but doesn't have amazing aim. Their bombs have quite a low range, so make sure you keep moving!

Another part of combat is to make sure organisms don't all attack at the same time. We're trying to add a proper structure to battles, which means some will be waiting if they're in larger groups. When that happens, others will be taunting in the background:

Lastly, we're extremely happy to announce that we'll be showcase Pine at Day of the Devs in San Fransisco on November 11th! A ton of amazing games alongside us and a lot of cool devs to meet. Access is free, so see you there?

That's it for this week - we're closer and closer to the demo, stay tuned!