Pine DevBlog #55 - Streets and Strafes

17-11-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

A larger part of the team spent the week (and the previous) in San Francisco, where we showed Pine at Day of the Devs! We had a great time there and people really enjoyed our demo. Some played for 15 minutes, some even for 50 - and we gathered a ton of feedback.

One of the biggest streets in San Francisco also rang a bell..

Development didn't go idle though, back home - part of the team kept working on a few improvements behind the scenes, and some new content as well.

A combat improvement we noticed was that the Cariblin and Krocker might need a strafe for them to be more flexible and focused in combat:

Furthermore, guess who's back - the Mannoth! This time with his dramatic death, when you manage to get them down:

That's about it for this week - more content next week.

Until next time!