Pine DevBlog #56 - Chiefs and Craft-quests

24-11-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

Proper devblog time again! Before going to San Francisco we finished adding some pretty cool stuff in the demo which we haven't shown yet, and we also did some new work this week of course.

In Pine, bigger villages have chiefs, and we made them visually more apparent to make sure players know who to do business with. We've also made them bigger and stronger!

We also continued working on a critter you might remember from the Kickstarter campaign - the Waddletooth!

Note that this is a placeholder model - in our pipeline, we start with a base model to get the proportions right, and then get it rigged to start animating. That way, our animation work isn't blocked by any modelling or polishing work on the model. We'll be finishing the looks of the Waddletooth soon, so that they can immediately run around using animations we did in the meantime.

New vegetation for the plains was also added. A bunch of new flowers to color up the grass!

We also tweaked and worked on picking up items. It's now much more conscious and there's a longer animation and interaction necessary when picking food sources like wheat, carrants and more. Other than that, we did some more setdressing of the mountain area towards the plains and tweaked a lot of other parameters. Check it out in this short new gameplay video where we aim to craft the Wedgewood Bow after trading the Idea for that.

Until next time!