Pine DevBlog #57 - Macbuilds and Mountainpaths

01-12-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

We're flying into December with some new content and some good progression. The pre-alpha demo for the Falconer backers is almost ready to be released, and we're doing one more test round before we do so.

We built the demo for Mac this week, and that all went well - only Linux to go as a benchmark.

As part of the team has moved on from the demo to the 'rest' of the game, we've been making some paintover concept art for the Dry Bay and Mount Telkin - have a look!

We've also amplified the Waddletooth's behavior with some cool combat animations - they'll be fighting each other to lead the pack, and Hue if you come close...

As the end of the year is drawing near, IndieDB started with their Indie of the Year award again! You can vote for Pine to be one of the best indies on the website, and you would help us out a great deal. Moreover, you can win plenty of random game keys if you do:

Lastly, we're showing the Pine pre-alpha demo (almost done!) at Guildgames, a new event in Eindhoven (the Netherlands)! Come and play Pine all day long, as we'll be gathering your feedback and seeing how the build performs.

Until next time!