Pine DevBlog #60 - Fall-Demos and Friends

22-12-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

This week we launched the fall demo to backers of the Falconer tier and up! Exciting times. We've already been receiving a lot of great feedback and more players to come - this is extremely valuable for a small team like us.

Some more work went into creating builds at the start of the week, as we had to ensure it would run on all platforms. Happy to say that it does! The builds also give us insights on the minimum requirements and more, so this has been a great experience.

We've been tweaking a lot of the post-processing, lighting and colors for the final build - we found out a big issue with lighting at the very end, which meant that indirect lighting wasn't being included in previous builds we did. Happy to say we found it and it makes everything much smoother and more readable!

It's almost Christmas! Sometimes you need some help from a few friends to make things happen...

Part of the team is taking a few extra days off. Here's to a fantastic holiday season!

Until next time!