Pine DevBlog #63 - Partitions and Plant-blockouts

12-01-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

Short blog this week! We're working on big tasks that can't be shown yet, but are definitely exciting.

We continue our large task of letting the simulation run better this week. Last blog's GOAP system was enhanced with a GOAP-planning algorithm, which basically lets organisms calculate which tasks should be done and what the most cost-effective way of doing this is.

Another part of it is making spatial partitions on the island to 'group' points of interest, such as resources. That looks something like this:

The Cariblin got into the spotlight again this week when they were shown off on Artstation - check out the high-res images on the page!

We also made more blockouts and blockout assets, more in the dune areas. This area is called the Tunnel Dunes, where the wind howls through these immense rock formations. The lens flare is a newer addition to the graphics that we haven't shown before either. This will be an exciting area to explore!

Dune vegetation was also blocked out - it misses all detail, but we'll have plenty of plants and grass in the area:

Until next time!