Pine DevBlog #66 - Chests and Cutlasses

09-02-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

More blockout and area prototype work this week! One of the most important areas was blocked out a bit to get a grip on the cinematics and situations happening there. It's in the forests, on a cliff - and you'll see quite a bit of it during gameplay. Can you guess what the white cubes are?

Furthermore, in the last few weeks we've been doing a lot of sketching for all kinds of things. Showing the sketches is a bit more difficult, as we don't have a scanner that fits the sketchbooks well - but we were inclined to show a few anyway.

These are resource chests. Every chief guards one in each village, and organisms of a tribe will move to the chest to grab resources to go out. We style them for each species, of course - do you know which one is from which species? There's a chest of an unannounced species in here too!

Regarding villages, we also expanded the node system we have in place for it. We can now place fences, action sockets and the all-important and all-new totem in each village. We also fixed up our prop system and environment system, so that different tiers actually have a proper layout and variety among villages.

Lastly, there's a new weapon in town - the first weapon Hue uses! We're not gonna spoil how you get it, but it's made of Pine trees.

Until next time!