Pine DevBlog #68 - Gobbles and Groups

01-03-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

A long blog, as we have a lot to say! Last week and this week had a bit of time snatched away because we were moving into a new office, but we've made a lot of good progress on Pine too.

Check out our new office!

The Gobbledew is quite a central theme in the art department - after the first rig tests were successful, we could finally start on all animations.

The Gobbledew's actions often come in two forms: casual form and engaged form. They are always elegant, unless they're aggravated by you or other species - then they tend to lose their calm.

Normal walk and run:

Enaged/combat run:

A few simple combat moves have been animated already too!

Their houses are also finally almost done - we'll show a few good shots in the engine of that next week.

The biggest theme for the technology department is still the simulation - we're getting there. It has evolved into a highly sophisticated system with great usability, scalability and performance.

We can now, besides giving organisms certain goals, direct groups of organisms to do things. This seems like something simple, but requires commandments from a few different levels. It does look a lot more logical, however!

On a high-level scale, that looks like this.

Conflict is one of the last big bumps - we are building sensible systems to let them decide whether they should engage, trade, explore more or do otherwise.

On a much more detailed scale, we've upgraded a bit of the UI - the dialogue window got a nice update and we can now include icons and sprites in texts.

We've been updating and finalizing the Gobbledew model, worked on our new species a lot, upgraded the main character... more on that soon! On the sideline there was still room to work on some new weapons and apparel:

Finally, we've joined Instagram! Give us a follow if you'd like to see updates in the form of shots from Albamare, cool dev gifs and other visual insights.

Until next time!