Pine DevBlog #69 - Hovers and Houses

09-03-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

Nice week for Pine!

We finished a system that was really important for the simulation (entailing shifting between high-level simulation to observable organisms) and got quite a bit of nice content done, mainly for the Gobbledew again.

For the Gobbledew's combat we're trying a lot of aerial stuff, even though they can't fly - which means they'll hover and kick off a lot. It will hopefully be a very unique style of play!

We're allowing the Gobbledew to mix and match moves with hovering in a few directions for a very short while too.

The Gobbledew houses are now put in Unity, shining on the island!

On the player-side we've been cautiously starting to implement a much-requested feature: a way for players to keep track of things to collect in order to trade or craft something. We call this the list of errands and it's a handy tool under the compass that can be easily expanded, turned on and off.

Next week we'll have some final Gobbledew things to share and hopefully more on the simulation.

Until next time!