Pine DevBlog #70 - Async-loads and Acacias

16-03-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

New week, new blog!

More work was done on the simulation and especially the translation from sim-space to real-space, as mentioned last week - also in accordance with a new, smarter asynchronous loading/streaming system we've built.

There's a lot of popping and don't mind the floating trees here, but at least most of the stuttering is gone and the system can load a lot of assets. We'll work on more smoothly transitioning assets into the screen soon, but we're already happy with this progress - especially on the eye level of the player, not much popping is visible.

The Waddletooth was cleaned up this week - up next is adding whiskers, fur and more texturing!

Some more (bespoke) Gobbledew animations were finished, such as an idle insert overlays (looking around), a death animation and the hit overlay animations!

The Gobbledew houses were finished last week and put ingame including collisions this week, so now we can even run around on them.

The Dry Bay vegetation was also worked on, including this new acacia tree!

Until next time!