Pine DevBlog #71 - Courses and Cypresses

23-03-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

These past two weeks contained a lot of design work on all kinds of sides, figuring out the last details of the simulation and gameplay loop to make it as solid as possible. This involves dozens of written pages, mockups and plans to ensure the last details are as well-thought out as the rest of the game in the past years.

The Gobbledew's textures are nearly finished! It adds a lot of depth to see the shadows, clothes and feathers detailed as such.

With all types of visual equipment added, it looks at such:

More dune vegetation was also done this week: a new tree (the cypress), bushes and grass. It's getting nice and lush already!

We've also worked on more navigation for the simulational activities, trying to simplify and control where species can move. To that end we worked on navigation graphs to lay out the paths for organisms.

Furthermore, streaming was ironed out a bit more and a lot of Gobbledew domestic animations are making their way towards the engine. Exciting stuff!

Until next time!