Pine DevBlog #72 - Posts and Pointing

06-04-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

As mentioned last week, we'll be toning it down on development blog content, but some weeks we'll have some interesting stuff to share nonetheless!

We worked on the Cariblin's village Post: a place where they gather their food and where the village's chief/king/boss/leader/highness can be found nearby. This is one of the first to be finished and ingame.

Each tier is represented in these as well, and they act as landmarks so that you know where to go look for species.

Now that the simulation is running on the island, we've also worked on a few assets that are important for that - one being an alarm bell, one a resource chest, and a few fence assets. These are generic for now - we'll be making them species-specific as we go along, now that the functionality is there.

The fences work per tier, so that we can expand villages and make them smaller based on that.

The Gobbledew had a few more animations done this week too: domestic animations (stuff like giving and taking) and scouting.

The simulation is now really coming together, and we're testing a lot of different reactions that are based on confidence and affinity. Lots of layers, but it's turning out quite fun.

Until next time!