Pine DevBlog #73 - Steampipes and Suspicions

20-04-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

Lowering the amount of blogs has so far really helped us focus more on content and share it in shorter bursts - so here's another one packed with content for you.

We've worked on the Litter Stack, Krocker Rattle and Fexel Furnace for in their villages - similar objects to the Cariblin Pole, where they assemble food and resources and can gather for social activity.

The most important work of the last two weeks has been working on finalizing the island's infrastructure for the full-scale simulation to play out. This means making sure roads are finished and passable by species, interesting locations are blocked out and that species have something to do.

Also on a village scale this means the species have a ton of spaces and nodes to choose from while performing the tasks of their village schedules.

It's been interesting to see where the issues are. Sometimes trades fail too often, food sources aren't placed correctly or organisms can't find their spot in the village. But we'll keep working on it!

To round all the roles, positions, reactions and behaviors off, the art team has continued blocking out things for functionality. A lot of new animations and props were added to communicate the roles and reactions clearly, such as suspicious-trigger animations, a new alert for the litter and chief animations for all.

In the future we'll make these roles more species-specific - check out these sketches for the village leaders for example!

Lots more was done in these weeks, as we're ramping up to a simulation alpha build. In that, we're seeing the simulation in full scale, streaming, for the first time. It's gonna bring up even more issues, but our systems have been set up to be very tweakable, so we will keep on fixing things throughout development.

Until next time!