Pine DevBlog #75 - Grounds and Guards

15-06-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

Time for another short devblog! We've made some good visual progress and are excited to share what we're working on.

The terrain is getting a huge revamp. Both tech (splatmaps and the groundcover drawing), design and art are currently passing over it to make everything look more natural, have a better structure and run way better.

We're also working on new ground textures to better match the improved quality and style of the game:

We're blocking out more Vaults too... without giving too much away, this one in the swamps begs to be explored, no?

We're also working on finalizing the outfits for species roles - the guard is done now for species, which is a tabard that shows what they're up to.

We have more cool stuff in the pipeline - putting a lot of sounds in, working on our material detection system to diversify them, working on the weather editor... good stuff!

Also, something cool to show you soon... (WIP)

Until next time!