Pine DevBlog #76 - Surfaces and Snowtops

22-06-2018 Posted in Development Blogs

Another very productive week! With the team currently operating at a capacity of 10, we're making awesome progress on big and small things alike.

We're building editors for features, effects and polish, which greatly speeds up the way we work in the project.

One of those is a brand new surface editor, which allows us to select all prefabs and tag it with a certain surface. This is important for footstep sounds, ranged sounds and VFX to appear/sound correctly.

We now have an extended weather editor, as well as a brand new "Night Visuals" editor that allows us to enable/disable objects or turn on lights at a certain time of day. This includes fireflies, lanterns and more.

Our terrain improvements are also getting further. A new angle-selector brush makes painting splatmaps (textures) on our terrain a million times easier, and it makes it look a LOT better because of perfect and objective blending.

On the content side we made awesome progress too. Here's a look at one of the Outfindings, the Conducting Lantern:

The role outfits for species are coming along nicely too. Here's the gatherer basket for the Cariblin, for example:

We've also continued dressing the biomes, and the smaller snow biome (top of Mount Telkin) was the last one to be done. New snow textures and snow vegetation!

Until next time!