Pine DevBlog #61 - Rocks and Roles

29-12-2017 Posted in Development Blogs

Almost time for a new year! But not before we share one last time in 2017 what we did this week. Obviously there was Christmas, but some work was done on Pine as well in the remaining days!

We've made a pretty big set of dune rocks for all the dune areas. It's important Hue can walk over them, so we went for the bridge-like structure as seen in previous concept art too.

A lot of progress was made on a part of the simulation - we've spent some time defining the organisms and their roles better. We now know that for each village, we need to assign roles to organisms for them to do something, and to make it clear to the player what role that is. We'll have:

  • Gatherers: Will go out into the wild to find resources and food.

  • Scouts: Will go out in the wild to look for new food sources or update knowledge of the village by checking out the territory and beyond.

  • Traders: Will grab resources and food from the village and travel to other villages to trade with them.

  • Hunters/Soldiers: Will protect the above, hunt for critters or attack other villages. Have their weapons ready and are down to fight.

To make sure the player knows what they're dealing with, we're working on outfit additions (visual equipment) for each species. This is what the traders of the Cariblin and Litter will look like:

For each role we'll make sure their action and animations also fit. Here are some scouting animations:

That's it for now - have a great NYE and see you in 2018!

Until next time!