Pine DevBlog #55 - Streets and Strafes

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A larger part of the team spent the week (and the previous) in San Francisco, where we showed Pine at Day of the Devs! We had a great time there and people really enjoyed our demo. Some played for 15 minutes, some even for 50 - and we gathered a ton of feedback.

One of the biggest streets in San Francisco also rang a bell..

Development didn't go idle though, back home - part of the team kept working on a few improvements behind the scenes, and some new content as well.

A combat improvement we noticed was that the Cariblin and Krocker might need a strafe for them to be more flexible and focused in combat:

Furthermore, guess who's back - the Mannoth! This time with his dramatic death, when you manage to get them down:

That's about it for this week - more content next week.

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #54 - Foodtills and Fights

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This week we kept on expanding the village assets by adding a place where organisms come to eat! They sometimes walk there if they're hungry, or they grab some food for on the go before they go explore or fight.

On the subject of fighting, we've done a lot of improvements to the combat in Pine. We're making things more personal, a bit slower and more thoughtful. For this, we're trying to add more structure while letting the neural network evolution do its job too. Meet the cast:

The Cariblin is a bit like Hue - they can shield, light attack and heavy attack. They're relatively fast but think well and can counter easily.

The Krocker is definitely a lot slower - but make sure they don't hit you. Every hit does heavy damage, so make sure to make your way around them.

The Litter spits at you, which is blockable - but if you want to hit them, you'll have to get closer. Make sure you don't step in their acid on the floor.

The Fexel is very evasive and fast, but doesn't have amazing aim. Their bombs have quite a low range, so make sure you keep moving!

Another part of combat is to make sure organisms don't all attack at the same time. We're trying to add a proper structure to battles, which means some will be waiting if they're in larger groups. When that happens, others will be taunting in the background:

Lastly, we're extremely happy to announce that we'll be showcase Pine at Day of the Devs in San Fransisco on November 11th! A ton of amazing games alongside us and a lot of cool devs to meet. Access is free, so see you there?

That's it for this week - we're closer and closer to the demo, stay tuned!

Pine DevBlog #53 - Compasses and Combat-Effects

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This week we worked a lot on a new stable build to test the grounds of the Pollen Rustlers scenario, and things are working well. We are delayed a bit because we need to get saving/loading proper and want to do a good pass on combat with a very important structural change.

The liveliness of the villages was important to us, so we've been creating lots of small village assets to setdress them more.

We also added basic domestic behavior back in!

All organisms have an eat animation now too for this domestic behavior. Here's an example of the Fexel's:

Another really important addition for the demo, something we started brainstorming on and prototyped for this week, is a kind of minimap or compass to showcase the player's goals more quickly. They should help the player in finding the right direction. Here's a mockup of what would be in the bottom corner:

We've also done another small combat update and added the first VFX back in:

Lastly, check out these new inserts for Hue - they ought to add a bit more variety to his idle movements!

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #52 - Collections and Calls

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Last week we finished up the very first complete build of our demo - exciting times! We went to CHI Play in Amsterdam to show it. While we ran into some issues on our side, we still benefited a lot from building the game and letting people play it! We're now ironing out some glaring issues before making and showing a new version.

Here's a gameplay clip of the demo, with:

  • Improved setdressing

  • Completely revamped post-processing effects

  • Full trading sequence and part of a quest scenario

Hue is stocking up on Puffle feathers before trying to trade with the chief of a village on the Pollen Fields. He doesn't quite have enough though...

We also added a few new animations to make the critters a bit more lively. Here's a type of (mating) call for both the Alpafant and Puffle:

We also improved the Alpafant's death animation when standing still - we were only using a running one before.

We've also improved a bit of combat, mainly focussing on the shield and bow:

We're excited for the new version of the demo, which will hopefully contain fewer errors and a bit more polish.

Until next time!