Pine DevBlog #48 - Dialogues and Dullrocks

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After a long time, we want to show you a few bigger mechanics over the course of the next few devblogs! One of them is our dialogue system. While pretty basic in its execution, we had to design pretty intricate systems to let the quest system pick which actors are saying it, and to make the whole dialogue fit around the species saying it. We're using dynamic, reactive commenting to make it feel more alive, and to let the actors feel aware of the world around them.

In this mockup you can see what it looks like, even though it misses a few dynamic strings such as [species] and [exclamation_something].

Furthermore, we've continued detailed setdressing for the Pollen Fields area and areas around it. Waterlilies really tie the fields together!

We've also finished the first set of resources! Some wood, some food, rope, cloth... And Albamare specialties, such as Dullrock, Alpafant leather and species fragments.

We've been working and reworking some other cool systems, so stay tuned! We're getting closer to the demo.

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #47 - Bushes and Bombs

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More assets this week, and an exciting bit of gameplay and VFX!

We added a brand new tree to Albamare, which really adds to the environment with the two existing trees we had. It's a downy oak!

More vegetation was added in the form of a second bush type, which is more alive now and really fits well with the rest of the assets.

We worked very hard on getting really cool Fexel combat in the game, and we created the VFX to go with the bombs - we're having a lot of fun dodging their bombs, flash grenades and smoke bombs. We still have to tweak the behavior a lot but the basics are there.

We also kept working on other VFX, UI and writing the sidequest in our demo - exciting times ahead.

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #46 - Clovers and Collapses

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Lots of content got into the game this week!

We created a bunch of smaller pieces of vegetation, such as clovers, ferns, flowers and more. This really adds to the density and liveliness of the forests and plains! Three of these are a type of food that every organism can gather - the small Yam, the Carrant (an Albamare classic, a sort of carrot flower), and the Tingflower.

Furthermore, we finished a good set of rocks, now including a large cliff, medium rocks and smaller pebbles too.

We showed it briefly in the monthly recap we rolled out this week (check it out on MadeWithUnity or on IndieDB), but we finished the Krocker village assets and put them in the game. This adds another possibility of a settlement you could find on Albamare!

The Krocker's weapons were also transformed into versions that Hue can use and craft - the Bone Spear and Bone Shield look great on Hue!

The Fexel missed a death animation - probably because we didn't have the heart to do it - but here he is collapsing to the floor... it's a bit sad, but a necessary evil. That's how evolution goes.

As mentioned, we're coming closer to slicing off a part of the game for a demo. Backers of the FALCONER tier will get their hands on it, and we're very curious what you'll think of it.

We'll end with this gif from the monthly recap that people seemed to enjoy - Albamare is truly coming together.

Until next time!

Pine DevBlog #45 - Soils and Sleeping

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For those following us closely, you might have noticed that there was no blog last week - that's because the majority of the team went to Gamescom in Cologne!

We didn't showcase there - we just went in to say hi to all our friends, meet new friends and talk to important people who can help us make Pine better. It turned out great and we made some really good contacts for the future.

Back at home, Pine's development wasn't idle - on the environment side we worked on some long-awaited textures to augment the terrain around the plains and forests. The Wedgewoods will have a soil that's way denser than the default grass:

Furthermore, rivers now have a wet border with some mud to give it a more solid look:

Animation-wise, we're wrapping up the Fexel domestic behaviors, such as sitting and sleeping:

More and more content is being brought together, so within the next few weeks we'll be sharing actual gameplay again. Stay tuned!

Until next time!